The house that eventually would become and Albuquerque inn named Bella Roma Bed & Breakfast was built by Walter Trumbull in 1882 who came to Albuquerque from Chicago after he was diagnosed with TB. His mother was a bride’s maid for Mrs. Lincoln and his father was a U.S. Senator thanks to Abraham Lincoln. This was one of the first houses built between Old Town and what is now Downtown and in 1882 was the site of new rail line near 1st Street and Central.

This three story home was designed initially as a duplex, with mirrored stairways and two main entrances. The style of the home is Italianate with a mansard style roof. The Trumbulls, an Italian family, brought Italian stone masons to Albuquerque and the railroad brought red sandstone from Isleta.

The Owner & Usage History of Our Albuquerque Inn

Around 1890 the house became the Goss Military Institute and then was home to the Hesselden family from about 1900-1930.  There was no electricity or indoor plumbing available for 28 years, until about 1910.  The house became an eight-plex apartment house around 1940 – known in City Directories as “The Stone House Apartments”. It was sold in the late 1970’s and the new owners began major restoration of the house that has continued since.

The Albuquerque Inn known as Bella Roma Bed & Breakfast is on the State Register of Historic Places.